Smoke background for my ChromaDepth 3D video called “Suspension of Disbelief”
Mmm this would look amazing against my skin tone.
  • It’s amazing how my mother suddenly manages to get sick whenever it comes to being a responsible adult and go pick up her children(look for a job, and actually do stuff). Yet when it comes to keeping people up at all hours off the night, yelling, going out wherever she wants, and talking shit about me she has all the fucking energy in the world!

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ah finally the article for me

A few findings from my walk home today.
Shot on iPhone

she can be so shy, yet so freaky.

but it’s my favorite color tho

    Anonymous asked:
    How did you and your boyfriend meet?

    Kind of a long story buuuut I was like 15 (so he was probably 14) and I was at the library with my friends and I saw the cutest boy I’d ever seen in my life and I wanted to talk to him, but I was way too shy, so I gazed from afar. I didn’t think I’d likely see him again, but it turned out we had a mutual friend (who started to develop a crush on me) and he started coming over to my house to chill after school. Then one day his friend came over too…and can you believe it…it was that boy from the library! Yeah, I pretty much died. I was so happy but always flustered because I didn’t know what to do. Anyway, we all started hanging out more…then once in awhile. I would sneak out of my bedroom door at night to see him. He teased me a lot..
    We never dated when we were young. He would always have girlfriends and I didn’t know how to talk to him. We kinda grew apart after awhile.

    When I graduated, he added me on Facebook, and we started kinda talking again. To be honest…I wasn’t interested at all. I was older, I’d lost my virginity not too long ago and was having more fun with guys. Pretty much, it was him messaging me and me half hardheartedly responding, so it kinda dried up. I found out that he had always liked me too, but it just wasn’t the same. Maybe a year later he told me he was joining the army and I was just so annoyed with that, I felt like he’d become their little robot killing machine, and it annoyed me how he would talk about how great the army is. I still talked to him sporadically. He had a leave and he wanted me to see him while he was in town, but I did not want to at all, I don’t even know why. One day he told me they were sending him to Afghanistan…I think that’s when I started to wake up…slowly. While he was there he messaged me every single day he could and it still took me forever (like months) to realize I was really starting to like this guy. I talked to him so much it was hard whenever I didn’t. I started to miss him, and thoughts of him started to occupy every aspect of my day. We got even closer and he sent me flowers, chocolate strawberries, and the softest teddy ever for Valentine’s Day while he was still in Afghanistan (he gave me my first flowers). Not too long after, I told him I loved him (or maybe before, I don’t remember honestly lol). He said it back..he actually told me he had loved me for awhile but was waiting for me to be ready. I almost died.
    He’s still in the army but I got to see him in June and that was the best ever. I miss him so fucking much, but I don’t go a single day without talking to him, he’s the love of my life. 

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  • My boyfriend’s father seems to be acknowledging that I exist now.

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